The advantage of the removal of sent messages will make their way soon to the application Facebook Messenger


There are many chat apps that allow you to cancel sending the message within a specific time frame once you send it. Will Application Facebook Messenger also on this feature soon note that it is one of the apps chat most commonly used at the global level. I have confirmed that the Facebook company itself that the cancellation of messages will be ” coming soon ” to the platform to chat.

Facebook revealed that this feature will be released soon through the history of changes version 191.0 application Facebook Messenger for iOS. And the notes that will be users have 10 minutes to cancel the sending of the message after it is sent so that stated Facebook by saying : ” will soon feature to remove a message from a conversation thread after it is sent. If you accidentally sent the wrong picture or incorrect information or the wrong message, you can easily corrected by removing the letter within ten minutes of being sent “.

This is not surprising. We have heard for the first time about the possibility of the advent of this feature to develop the Facebook Messenger in the last month. Facebook has said the same in the month of April they will add this feature to the platform Facebook Messenger as long as this feature is already available in platforms chat the competition.

Limit of ten minutes is not heated as much as the previous full received by users of WhatsApp when they send a message by mistake. As all of you probably know, the application WhastApp is no longer owned by the Facebook company.



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