The advantage of real-time collaboration of up to package, Office 2016 on the platform of MacOS


Microsoft announced this week that users of the package Office 2016 on system MacOS will be able to now benefit from the advantage of real-time collaboration, a feature that was available to users of Windows A while ago. Once you install a new update package for Office 2016 will be added to the thumbnail image in the top right corner of the window to indicate other users are currently working on the document that you have shared with them. Symbols appear also when others can view the changes while typing in real time.

As explain Microsoft that the changes that are made to documents are saved automatically and stored safely in the cloud, as the updates are made to the documents will be available for consultation by others in seconds. Microsoft also added a feature other stylish allow you to back off and check the log list of changes in case if you change something incorrectly or need to restore some things that have been removed within the Word.

The advantage of real-time collaboration is now available on the applications Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the update that brings this feature is now available for download with a flag that says upgrade Pack Office 2016 to version 16.9.0. Generally, to get more details about the advantage of real-time collaboration in a bundle of Office 2016 for MacOS please go to the official blog of the Microsoft Corporation starting from the source link below.



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