The advantage of Android Beam will be exposed to the negligence in the versions of the future of Android

Android Beam

If Apple’s own AirDrop explained Google’s own without the advantage of Android Beam, although it is rarely used this feature in current times. So it’s not surprising to hear that Google will abandon this feature in future versions of Android.

And for those who never heard of Android Beam before, they feature been put forward by several years on Android. The idea basically is to paste phone two smartphones equipped with the Android OS with each other to form a link between them, and then you can transfer small files like photos and contacts, web sites, documents, etc. from other files.

But the downside in this feature is its reliance on NFC technology, which means that it can’t handle large files well, so this feature is not useful by today’s standards, and add to that that now there are many messaging apps that allow users to share these files with the knowledge that the internet has become fast as well now, which means that the lifting of those files to cloud storage services like Dropbox and share them with others is quite possible today.

Will not turn this feature off immediately, but is expected to be deprecated in future versions of Android, starting from Android Q due in the second half of next year. Thus, if you use this feature from time to time, you should be aware that this feature has become, so to speak, on the outskirts of the.


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