The accuracy of the cameras will increase more in the phones 2019

A few weeks ago, came Onur view 20 cameras major accuracy 48 maps. During 2018, we have seen a lot of phones use of the selfie camera accuracy 25 maps.

According to the new combinations today, it seems that we will soon see camera 52 maps behind Phone Sony’s flagship Xperia XZ4, camera Silva 32 maps to one of the phones to ZTE of China.

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Beginning with the Xperia XZ4 associated with announcing the end of February, it seems that the camera system the rear will consist of three sensors: strictly main 52 maps the aperture f/1.6, camera close to accurately 16 maps the aperture f/2.6, andcamera time-of-flight accurately 0.3 maps.

For Camera Selfie Phone ZTE anonymous, said it sensor Samsung ISOCELL GD1 accurately 32 maps size pixels 0.8 microbes, which supports video, high dynamic (HDR).

Feature camera 32 and 52, maps the above-mentioned support by the technology integration of 4 pixels within 1 pixel, to improve the image quality in low light, and apparently a lot of phones 2019 will adopt this technique.

Recall that the sensor Samsung’s ISOCELL GD1 accurately predict 48 maps, but likely customize it for the cameras rear also came with a phone Redmi Note 7. It is expected to be one of the benefits of my Sony sensor IMX586 the user in this view 20, through 2019.

“The first audio samples of the official camera 48 maps phone Onur

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