The 8 best apps loved for kids on Android

There are a lot of useful apps for kids, which parents can find them and even help them teach their children useful things, among them the following of the best children’s apps for Android devices.

Baby Puzzles is the best app for older children, featuring an array of puzzles extremely easy, as it basically, the child must match the formats, it also comes with the interactive sounds of the user interface is easy and simple, as well as that there are the mysteries of the alphabet and different animals west walls was musical and the other, containing free version of the app on some ads, which you can get rid of them by getting the full version for $ 0.99, it’s a very good application for what it is.

Dormi is one of the best children’s apps, but it is also likely that the best application to monitor children, as it features a good job in each of the types of links on the internet almost, and in some cases, you don’t need to use it to connect to the internet, as it supports both Monitor Audio and video, and gives you the free version of four hours per month to her experience, as well as that you can get a subscription for $ 0.99 per month to unlock all the features, similarly, you can pay 8.99 $ for one time to get lifetime license to use them whenever you want.

First Words for Baby is a series of children’s apps by Androbaby, and each one of them has a different theme, there is an app for animals and the application of sounds, colors, vehicles, food, as it there is also a combination of a small of some other topics, and there are a few of the flashcards small show dogs, photos, and photos of the people you’re talking about, and the application of them free to download with ads, but you can remove the ads vs subscription at a price of $ 1.99 for each application.

iHeartRadio Family is one of the newest children’s apps that we recommend, it shares much with the application of the iHeartRadio normal, but the only difference between them is the choice of music, this app has music, just for kids, as it includes some of the music types of popular programs such as Dora the Explorer, etc., it even includes a station Disney new songs and classics from the movies, it’s an excellent application, especially during car rides, it’s completely free to use without purchases inside it.

Kids Balloon Pop Game Free

Small children superheroes lack the fine motor skills, which is why it can be the idea of finding games for them is difficult, but something like app Kids Balloon Pop may be best suited to them, the idea of this game is to empty the balloons on the screen, this means that everything your child must do is ways on the screen to play, as it there are some other gameplay modes, and the free version of it on about half the content of the full version which is a subscription for 3.49$.

Most children love drawing with the application. Kids Doodle is probably the best what we can find for the kids, it is characterized with vibrant colors and wallpapers white or black, and more, as it also features 18 brush to clean the things, it’s the application of the feature contains a video recording of the screen while sending your child to his masterpiece, this way you can see how they did it, the app is completely free and without purchases inside it, it’s application is not excessively strong as an application fee. However, you must enjoy children.

Is Netflix a great option for everyone, it has a range of offerings for adults, however, it also has a mode for children, which removes all the content is child-friendly, it is worth mentioning that it doesn’t change the price if you decide to use this situation, many people already have Netflix, this way the running situation of children it is just a matter of creating a profile for them, it’s definitely among the best children’s apps.

PBS Kids Video is a great video for children, there is a lot of content is children-friendly with more being added every week, the promotion is fun, educational, and entertaining, which is supported by ads, but they only appear briefly at the beginning of the videos. And PBS Kids is already a range of children’s apps, however, most of them fit more than older children, which is a free application.


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