The 5 best strategy games for Android

Strategy games are among the oldest types of games in the history of mankind. Whether it is chess or board games or even some card games, we were playing strategy games since long before the existence of computers at all. I have been on the strategy games have come a long way from the bonus features, but the basic premise is to use your mind to beat your opponents is still hard to this day. It’s a great way to test yourself to see how much creativity you can add. Here are the best 5 strategy games on Android!

Age of civilizations Age of Civilizations is a game mix between a strategy game and board game. It also has a lot of the same qualities like risk, where your job is to get land from other civilizations. You will have access to a variety of scenarios, such as World War I and II in addition to the scenario of the modern world. You can also create your own scenarios to challenge yourself. The game also features a 193 civilization, and cadres, and some mechanics are interesting. It’s a complex game and difficult, but the game addiction is a very. GE play is better for everyone, as there are no in-app purchases. It’s one of the best strategy games simple.

Bloons TD 6 is the latest tower defense game in the long series. Featuring a lot of elements from previous titles. You play like a monkey and defend the bad guys. As the game includes 19 towers and three methods of upgrade for each tower and tons of upgrades for the mini. It also supports game play without internet, patterns and new games, different difficulties, and much more. This game is the best version of Defend the tower in 2018 (in addition to payment for cakes) which is a game that must be experience for fans of strategy games. As it is run for $ 4.99 with additional purchases within the app if you choose to pay for it.

Card Thief is one of the most strategic games unique. It’s a mix between strategy games and arcade game. And your goal is to move to avoid being detected one. As you will have equipment points to, and more to help you avoid the guards and finish the level. As the time of playing them from two to three minutes for each game. This is what makes it so wonderful. You can also download the game for free and unlock the full version for $ 1.99.

The game of chess is one of the oldest strategy games. However chess free is probably the best chess game on mobile phone. Also that the graphics are not much to consider. However, you will get 12 tough level across two game modes, rankings and ELO, and save games and analysis, and local players, and chess, and a bunch of other wonderful things. It’s a completely free game without in-app purchases. But there are ads. However, you can pay $ 0.99 to remove this ads found in the Pro version.

The Escapists is a strategy game witch. Are escaped players mainly from the prison. There are a variety of ways to do this. Where you can Party under the jail, or wear a uniform, a security guard, or find another way creatively. As players have to compete with prison life, and to avoid falling, and to find places to reduce their commodity illegal. It’s a complex game surprisingly even though its graphics are retro. There are six scenarios of the market, which is certainly something different, the developers added Recently some stuff to the game. They are the game is not bad at all.

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