The “immediate” recording huge leaps in the number of users

The network announced the “immediate” Fawry for its expansion, recording an increasing growth in the adoption of the citizens in the full repayment of the bills of home utilities, and particularly electricity, gas and water, in the light of their dealings with the Ministry of electricity of the various companies by the holding company for drinking water and sanitation, gas companies, there product enthusiasm and energy.

Has been recorded “immediate” significant growth in the number of users of its network over the past three years, where their number exceeded 20 million by the end of 2017, in a leap of total value of operations and the repayment of 9 billion pounds in 2015 to 25 million pounds at the end of 2017, where it reaches the daily rate for the number of operations to 1.8 million payment.

As it is estimated that the number of participants among all electricity companies at the Republic level exceeds 24 million subscribers, or more than 5 million meters, the growth rates of the largest currently, the wide spread electricity meters smart, pre-paid, which network provides immediate services can also recharge your cards out to all their regions.

Is the company instant technology for banks and electronic payments leader in this field in Egypt, which extends its network to cover all parts of the Republic, citizens can pay their electricity bills electricity, gas, water, through the “Code of reimbursement are” or “subscription number”, whether through one of the immediate benefits of $ 75 thousand outlets include retailers from grocery stores to “supermarket” pharmacies and other or through the ATMs of the banks ATM or post offices or online through the website of the service “may prompt” or through the “governor mobile” The largest banks in Egypt, and can recharge the balance of the card Electric meter smart via immediate benefits only.

Said engineer/ husseini Alvarez, vice-chairman of the eehc: “the availability of services modern, secure the repayment of bills, as provided by the network instant, no allows a citizen only of ease of bill payment electricity consumption, at any time and from any place, but also the shipment of disaster electricity with ease through the various ports for iPhone buyer, in the framework of our quest to raise the efficiency of electricity companies, easing the burden of collection and increase cash flows and increase the efficiency of the management of financial operations.”

In a press statement, stated the engineer/ mamdouh raslan, Chairman of holding company for drinking water and sanitation: “includes a vision of the holding company for drinking water and sanitation is an essential part in the service of citizens across Egypt’s great to provide a cup of clean water and the security therefore, the holding company through its subsidiaries has partnered with the company immediate payments in order to facilitate the citizen and reduce the burden expressed in the system of payments to companies”.

Eng/ Mostafa el-shimi, President of the Board of Directors of the water company in Cairo: “as long as the goal is to serve the Egyptian citizen in all over the place to facilitate the ease of and save for the efforts of the citizen has been contracted with a company to serious and respectful, with enough safety features to improve bills Water Company Law Firm immediate payment.”

Mr. Gamal Khalifa, Chairman of the company’s business services petroleum “there”: “we are keen to provide better services, which would help citizens to pay the bills with ease and therefore we dealt with the immediate services to provide the service of electronic payment via the internet and in various outlets order on time and provide a hardship to move the citizens to pay gas bills”.

Mr. Mohamed okasha, Managing Director, immediate: “we are proud to work with the Ministry of electricity and its on the level of the Republic and the holding company for drinking water and sanitation, and business services petroleum “there”, in the provision of means fashionable and diverse, easy, simple, secure and comfortable to enable citizens to pay their bills”. He noted that the company’s immediate she was the author of the wind in the area of provision of services, payment of utility bills”.

And enjoy the immediate services of the highest customer retention rates where return the person to use the services is immediate, as soon as the experience for the first time. And promote the service to pay electricity bills via the web immediate easy-to-use as well as it is available 24 hours all days of the week. As each what to the citizen is to provide a digital subscription or a “code of reimbursement are” or the number of the immediate cities top the bill, allowing him to learn the value of the invoice owed by him, the repayment of its value either through immediate benefits to retailers, pharmacies, or post offices and ATMs and bank branches or through Internet phone, mobile telephone, receives a receipt for payment, which confirms that the process of payment of the invoice has been completed successfully.

As networks allow instant services payment of electricity bills and gas, including the recharge card electricity meter smart, on the level of the Republic, the services of payment of water bills currently available in most governorates like Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, and matrouh, Red Sea, Beni suef.

It should be noted that the network instant enjoy the proliferation of a wide geographical on the level of the Republic, as well as a fashionable way a simple, convenient and safe completely available to citizens over the past 24 hours. Web instant available in more than 300 cities, and villages across Egypt, including 25 banks, more than ten thousands ATM (ATM), and 1,300 post office, in addition to more than 75 thousand outlets Nationwide, including pharmacies, and grocery stores to “supermarket” and sell their mobile devices, and Internet services, in addition to that they also offer online payment services and”Governor” to the mobile through the major banks.

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