That’s how successful companies emerging media without relying on Facebook

Targeting most of the app developers of teenagers develop their relationships, to achieve quick success and short-term most often, but don’t do it the companies that want to continue the rest.

The experience of the company Mammoth Media startups (Santa Monica – California), which announced that it has reached to 30% of the adolescents of the United States of America during the 4 years, through the application of two Wishbone andYarn, away from the social media platforms most notably Facebook, are perfect for media and entertainment on how to succeed and evaluate the content of the appeal away from the Facebook policies volatile, especially after the recent modifications that took place presentation of the publications on the main page.

That must be the Publisher with amendments Facebook new

Company has achieved Mammoth Media success through the application of Wishbone’s own vote, while the Yarn is applied to novels and Stories fiction interactive. And under what label, the company entertainment mini, as you can use them in a few minutes or seconds of the day.

Application of the Yarn which later works as the pound chat, which is kind of the story of newly emerging, similar to the e-books but the shape of the letters instead of pages, accompanied by photos and video.

Stories via an app is not much different from the story that we know all over the world, there are horror stories, serial killers action and mystery, but it is extremely short.

Maybe the story seems too short is not satisfactory for reading, but it is extremely popular among adolescents addicted to the use of smart phones, and the tradition of the Millennium younger. As the number of times to download the app more than 11 million times, the total proceeds of the payment within the app for more than $ 15.5 million, since its launch in February.

The company invests now $ 13 million in the development of video content, which will help to enrich the content of the application of the Yarn and the opportunity to work on environments recreational traditional.

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