That will embed in children the Oreo watch?

Детские смартчасы Huawei

Modern man is beginning to use the mobile, and sometimes wearable, devices, in early childhood. There are many products designed specially for the youngest users of digital electronics. Some component before the end of the current year can begin to match are designed for children smart watch.

Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon chipset Wear 2500 for children’s smart watch

Qualcomm has finally updated their lineup of chipsets for wearable devices and the most interesting was the Snapdragon chip Wear 2500. From the press release clearly implies that we are talking about the chip for the clock, intended for children and thus, it seems unlikely its use in premium smart watch. More new hardware was discussed in the article of Peter (Peter), published resource

The hardware platform is based on somewhat outdated cores Cortex-A7 (four of them), so in this respect there are no major changes. However, Qualcomm notes increased to 14% the energy efficiency of the new chipset, which will replace presents in 2016, the chip Wear 2100, based on Snapdragon 210 (2014).

Wear 2500 equipped with the new LTE modem fifth generation, but the connection speed was not considered. The chip also supports designed for video camera resolutions up to 5 megapixels. Voice assistants will be supported by the function of Voice Activation, which is characterized by low power consumption. Provides a hub for the sensors to track activity and fitness. It is noted that its power consumption is extremely low (ultra-low power). Thus, thanks to its low power consumption, the Snapdragon platform Wear 2500 becomes an attractive solution not only for children but also for wearable devices, focused on adult users.

Developed by Qualcomm “children’s” OS based on Oreo

Qualcomm has even developed a special version of Android Wear “for the children”. A software platform based on Oreo and “it is enough 512 MB of memory”. In this context, he was probably talking about RAM, so nothing surprising in this, since modern watch running Android Wear that is usually equipped with 512 GB of RAM. It is unlikely that it can be occupied by your operating system the amount of drive as the system partition even version Android Go is about 1 Gigabyte.

Huawei is the most important consumer of chips Snapdragon Wear

The company cooperates in the process of developing a new watch with Huawei, a leading consumer platform Snapdragon Wear. Partner with Qualcomm to develop algorithms for gesture recognition is InvenSense.

Set Snapdragon Wear 2500 for developers will be available starting the third quarter of this year and soon after that unable to appear and the first clock on the basis of the new hardware.

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