That will be the first Galaxy has not been manufactured by Samsung

Galaxy J6

Rumors about the possible launch of the series phones Galaxy P Series in China have emerged recently along with the rumors that suggested the coming of a new phone from the South Korean company carrying the code name ” Phoenix “. It seems that the registry last you a rose today from the social network of Chinese Weibo is centered around the latter, on the assumption that Phoenix and Galaxy P30 is not the same device, although we are quite sure that this is exactly the case. In any case, reveal the leaked images of the Galaxy A6S, which is supposed to be the first smart phone from the Samsung company did not oversee the process of its manufacture.

Because of the distressed sales in China, require Samsung to outsourcing the production of its smart phones available and streamed in China in order to reduce costs and to maintain competitiveness with the likes of Xiaomi and Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, etc. from other Chinese companies. According to reports, it appears that Samsung decided to use with Wintech, the company that oversees the production of smart phones to buy Xiaomi.


As you can see in the leaked pictures above, the phone Galaxy A6S a design similar to the design of the phone Galaxy A7 2018 which was announced recently and phone Galaxy A9 2018 is the rear camera of the quartet. So, we have good reason to believe that the “Phoenix” is only the code name of the phone Galaxy A6S. We also expect that this will be the last exclusive for the Chinese market, at least in the beginning.



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