Thank Vitalik: 87 per cent of decentralized applications run on the network Ethereum

At the moment the Ethereum as a platform for decentralized apps is ahead of the rest and offer the best conditions. Cryptanalytic startup Fluence Network reports that they tried to contact 900 projects from 1624. Thus the 700 attempts were not crowned with success, so that the survey involved only 160 respondents. According to them, in 2018 was started 72 percent of all existing dApps. The vast majority — 60 per cent of the projects had outside funding, 16 per cent had carried out ICO, and 18 percent were able to attract venture capital investment.

According to the survey, 87 percent of decentralized apps as a platform was chosen Ethereum. 19 per cent of EOS and only 8 percent on the network Tron. However, 10 percent of projects work on multiple platforms and only 4% work on all three at the same time.

Source: Trustnodes

To connect to the network Ethereum incredible 63 percent of projects use Infura — node infrastructure capable of handling billions of queries daily. One of the reasons for the choice of Infura was the fact that the Geth did not manage to finish the sync for 4 weeks, even on good equipment. At least so say the developers of the Alice project escrow service which allows you to make donations only if the campaign to raise funds ended in victory.

In addition, 48 percent of the projects responding when you run the code relied on a traditional cloud. About the same number of DApps used a decentralized storage solution, like IPFS (32 per cent) and CDN (31%).

Writes Trustnodes, a survey in some degree exposed the pain points of the industry of decentralized applications. In turn, the developers say that one of the obstacles along with the safe storage of crypto-currencies was to attract users. Thus, despite their indisputable leadership in the field of Ethereum, dApps, there is still much to develop. More data look at cryptodata.

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