Than the Galaxy S10+ will amaze, in addition to top hardware

Glass housing, which used to be an exclusive feature for premium devices, has become commonplace, and it was replaced by more attractive materials like Kevlar and ceramics. Despite the practicality of these materials, manufacturers are somehow not in a hurry to take them on Board and continue to exploit glass as the only right decision. However, as reported by an insider from China Ice Universe, top Galaxy S10+ will be the first smartphone of the brand, which will receive a case of truly unique materials.

Back cover the future of mobile, according to Ice Universe, is made of ceramic, but not normal, and shock proof. To give the material such a property that the manufacturer was able with some changes and improvements in its composition. In his report, Ice Universe, though gives no details of the production process, impact resistant ceramics, mentions that it will feature “metal gloss”. Whether he had in mind the appearance of the material or hinted at the presence of metallic particles in its composition, is unclear.

Galaxy S10+ — features

But unique is not only the appearance of Galaxy S10+, but its the hardware. According to information from open sources, the flagship unit of Samsung may be the world’s first commercial smartphone with 12 GB of RAM and a 1 TB built-in storage. And if you add to this set the support of networks of the fifth generation and truly edge-to-edge screen, there is every reason to believe that the flagship of the Koreans will be one of the most innovative solutions 2019 model year.

The use of ceramics in the construction of smartphones — not the unique practice, as it may seem at first glance. The first steps towards the commercialization of this material was done by the company Microsoft, which in 2012 released the Lumia 920 with ceramic keys the volume control and the shutter of the camera. Subsequently, this material was successfully used Xiaomi, OnePlus and Essential, which tried to put on stream production of vehicles, wholly or partially made of ceramics.

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