Than iPhone X Plus will differ from the iPhone available in 2018?

The main difference between the 6.5-inch iPhone 6.1-inch in addition to the diagonal of the display will be the number of modules of the main chamber. This is indicated by the engineering drawings of smartphones, allegedly the flagship of Apple for the 2018 model year.

While “relatively affordable” iPhone will have only a single main camera iPhone X Plus will receive not less than two. One of the versions and even States that Apple will not delay the implementation of the third chamber until 2019, implementing this idea already in the September updates. This position, in particular, holds Forbes columnist Gordon Kelly.

According to the journalist, three rounded cut in the left corner of the rear panel X iPhone Plus are lenses main camera, while the flash may not be needed for the future flagship. Why Kelly made such a conclusion, we can only guess.

A triple camera, iPhone X Plus can get the support Face ID 2.0, says Kelly. The updated interface will recognize the face of its owner even faster, making it regardless of the scan angle. The debut version of Face ID often identificeret user with a “squeak”.

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