Tether will become a new reason for the growth of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency will go up by at least 12 percent

After today’s fall like Bitcoin still have potential for growth. Even more analysts predict a rapid rise in the main crypto-currencies by 12 percent in the near future. The reason the pump may be the issue of new tokens Tether. Recall stablein has also become one of the key discussion topics of the scandal with the Bitfinex team.

The Bitcoin exchange rate and USDT

After the correction the level of your annual high Bitcoin holds the level of $ 5225. At the same time, the capitalization USDT close to its maximum value for all history of existence of stablon — of 2.83 billion dollars.

Last circulation was more USDT 2.8 billion in October 2018. At that time Bitcoin price was $ 6250. We all know what happened a few months later.

Issue Tether according to tradition directly influences the price movement of the home currency. By the way, the eighth of April, the issue of tokens has increased by almost a third. What does this mean?

Despite all the criticism regarding Tether, stablon acts as a very important indicator of market behavior. The release of new coins USDT Bitcoin opens up a huge scope for growth. The most conservative estimate of analysts, the cryptocurrency could easily jump above $ 6000 in the very near future.

Source: TradingView.com

Recall, this is also indicated by many factors in fundamental and technical analysis of the BTC. In addition, the coin is still the undisputed leader in the number of investments. Tweet about Bitcoin remember a lot more oftenthan the others altonah.

In the entire history of its existence, Bitcoin has brought millions of x’s. Let’s hope he will delight us with a couple more on the upcoming bullrun. To quickly earn money for a Lamborghini, sign up for our cryptcat!


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