Testing is currently underway for the participation of up to 50 people in the conversations group video on Skype


The maximum number of people they can be with you in a video conversation on Skype currently 25 people, but Microsoft is considering doubling that figure. Choose the company to increase the number involved in the talks group video on Skype of 25 people maximum of 50 people. It should be noted that this change available in the Skype app demo.

Will the Skype app buttons images and video for large groups, allowing participants to run their webcams easily on or off and mute the microphones of their own also. Will accept this change well by small companies which depend regularly on Skype to conduct meetings.

Includes test Microsoft is sending notifications to the participants who will be part of a conversation video collective rather large make Skype rings all members. It would also be possible to contact persons as soon as you start a group conversation if you don’t respond to the initial notification in a timely manner.

This new functionality is currently available in beta version only Skype. It may take some time before you go out this characteristic from the pilot phase to all users of Skype. Don’t tell us Microsoft is even now precisely when it will become the new limit for the participants in the talks and video available for all users.


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