Test speakers smart found that Google Assistant is the most accurate among the competitors


There are a variety of smart speakers in the market, although the smart speakers of both Amazon and Google is that you get the most sales. And both companies advantage to third-party companies to adopt artificial intelligence in organs, but does this mean that her intelligence artificial is the best?

In Test annual speakers smartphone that uses both the Google Assistant and Siri and Alexa, Cortana, and found the location of Loup Ventures that the digital assistant Google Assistant is the most accurate among all the digital assistants mentioned above. The report found that in terms of accuracy, it has won the digital assistant Google Assistant on the lion’s share not being able to answer the 87.9 percent of the questions correctly.

It also seems that it does not face any problem in understanding the questions of the users where he scored 100 percent on this side. In the second place, the solution to the digital assistant Siri of Apple, which replied on 74.6 percent of the questions correctly note that the understanding of 99.6 percent of the inquiries of the users. For the second, was given Alexa a subsidiary of Amazon which scored 72.5 percent in terms of accuracy and 99 percent in terms of understanding.

And for one last occasion, he had Cortana, a subsidiary of Microsoft, thanks to its accuracy, which reached 63.4 percent, the proportion of his understanding, which amounted to 99.4 percent. However, it seems that most of these assistants digital witnessed improvements with the passage of time, which proves that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to provide the best possible performance.

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