Test of autonomy: iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9

Imagine the situation: you are going to buy a flagship device, and at the moment there is a choice between iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Thus, one of the main criteria when buying a high battery life. Which smartphone should I choose? To put the point in this question, the author of the YouTube channel PhoneBuff conducted a thorough comparison, pitting the main news from the world of Android and iOS in the test for autonomy.

For reasons of clarity and maximum objectivity during the test, using a special robotic “hand”, which was conducted all transactions with smartphones. The test is completely identical for both devices, and includes the most common daily tasks — Internet browsing, sending messages, viewing videos, and alternate running undemanding applications.

The results were quite unexpected: iPhone XS Max was unable to resist the Samsung flagship in this test. The Apple smartphone is completely dead, when the Galaxy Note 9 was about 37 percent of the charge. The only test in which iPhone XS Max proved to be the best is a phone call lasting 1 hour. During this time, the flagship Apple phone lost only 3%, while its competitor — 5%. Despite the fact that the test was conducted twice, total was identical in both cases.

However, this difference in runtime can be quite easy to explain. The new Apple is equipped with a battery capacity of mAh 3174, when the Galaxy Note comes with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh. On top of that, the iPhone XS Max a bit large screen size. Despite the energy efficient 7-nm processor Apple A12 Bionic and the overall optimization of the operating system, Apple fell behind seriously. Thus, the victory in this test we can safely award the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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