Tesla will give to the workers their factories futuristic augmented reality glasses

The company Tesla plans to introduce new working methods. Earlier the employees of the factories used Google Glass, but they did not meet many standards of quality. And now the company production of electric cars wants to use its own development. And this creates from scratch a futuristic augmented reality glasses with a number of interesting features, which should speed up the production process and improve the quality of Assembly of electric vehicles.

The construction of any car, including the Tesla Model 3, requires connecting a lot of different parts. To reduce the number of problems with fit (and recently, the inspection service found on the line Tesla “significant inconsistencies”), it was decided to use augmented reality glasses. Last week, the company filed two patents, which will give you an idea of what may be the device.

First, the AR headset will be solid enough, since it will act as protection for the eyes of employees. Secondly, it will act as a means of communication, replacing the radio. As informed Business Insider, the device will run as follows: the headset can point to the connection details, prompt in what place to produce spot welding, but it’s not the most interesting. Thanks to the object recognition device can identify all the parts and indicate their relationship. Moreover, taking any part in his hand, the headset will give the worker information about the characteristics of the subject and will be given information about how, where and with what this thing to install.

In April of this year, Elon Musk stated that the factory to collect a car in California “too automated”. However, Tesla wants to find a middle ground between manual and automatic work, so the likelihood of a headset for work is extremely high. The device described in the application as follows:

“Application of computer vision and augmented reality in the production process. The device is designed to significantly increase the speed and efficiency of production processes, particularly Assembly of automotive parts and vehicles.”

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