Tesla will cut 3,000 people and will focus on the production of Model 3

Tesla cuts 7% of its workforce. The company reported a decrease in the number of personnel letter to all employees and posted information on its web site. In an electronic message the company’s CEO Elon Musk says that the main focus should be on providing “at least a medium level of Model 3 in all markets”. He also warned employees that will not be reduced and that “there are many companies that can offer the best balance between work and personal life, because they are larger and more Mature in their industries, and not looking for competition so eagerly”.

Tesla is betting on the Model 3

“Unfortunately, we have no other choice but to reduce the number of staff employed in full time, about 7% (last year we grew by 30%, what more can not support), and keep only the most important employees and contractors,” wrote Musk.

“Tesla will be forced to make these reductions while increasing production speed Model 3 and introducing many improvements in process technology in the coming months. The increase in production and improvement of production process is important to achieve Tesla economy of scale necessary for production of the Model 3 the standard range of mileage (220 miles), standard interior for 35 thousand dollars, and at the same time that Tesla remained afloat. There is no other way”.

Last October, Musk wrote that Tesla’s 45,000 employees — and therefore of the order of 3150 people will be asked to leave.

This step followed a series of measures to reduce costs, which was undertaken by the automaker. Three months ago, Tesla also announced a new, cheaper version of the car of the middle class — from 45 000 dollars. After the announcement of the reduction, the shares of Tesla fell by 6%.

However, all this will be more clear if you are already familiar with the full history of the production of hell Teslafaced by the company and personally Elon Musk.

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