Tesla was decided to reduce the recent increase in the prices of charging stations Tesla Supercharge by 10%

Tesla Supercharger 65454

Decided company Tesla recently raised the prices at all fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharge own, but this loan did cast go down well by the customers. After receiving the negative feedback is large, the company decided Tesla to reduce the increase in the price of the Tesla Supercharge by 10 percent.

Decided company Tesla leading the electric vehicle industry to raise the price of every 1kWh in fast-charging stations Tesla Supercharge all over the world by up to 33 percent. This means that the price went up, for example, to 32 cents per 1kWh in the stations Tesla Supercharge in the centre of the city of New York, and 36 cents per 1kWh in some places of California.

Confirmed the company Tesla that despite the rise in prices, but it will still be cheaper than filling the car with fuel. This argument was the subject of objection by the website TechSpot who pointed out that in countries where fuel prices less than $ 2 per gallon, would be charging the car Tesla electric stations Tesla Supercharge the most expensive of refuel. Moreover, it was also found that the prices Tesla has become less competitive with some of the charging stations belonging to third party companies, which give users an additional incentive to use the Tesla Supercharge in places where there are charging stations that alternative.

Thus, confirmed the company Tesla for the Electrek she heard the customer feedback made the decision to reduce the increase in the price of Tesla Suprecharge by 10 percent at the global level. The average price in the United States is now 28 cents per 1kWh.

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