Tesla unveils the first car charger that supports connection remains Electric in the House

Wish the Giants the manufacture of electric vehicles in the development of the charging system is seamless for users to support the next versions of electric cars, and Tesla mastered a new step in the development of systems shipping with the first car charger that supports connection remains Electric in the House.


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Hang car makers on the systems charging, independent charging electric cars often, but would Tesla want to experience development series to support users with shipping that are available in the vicinity of the user, or particularly in the home.

In the framework of the plans for Tesla’s future electric cars offer a new charger comes with the charging via the power adapter at home, which is the first of its kind in the electric car industry, where does not need a dedicated system to charge the cars.

Also called the shipper at the time of the current contact with plug NEMA 14-50 electrical, and standards used in the United States, where the user will need to customize the system for Special Electric Company, who claims to communicate directly with the electric plug in the wall.

It also provides the Charger 40 amps for most cars Tesla any that it offers greater support than Gen 2 Mobile which offers 32 amp Only, this is besides feature to support the new shipper to provide fast shipping.

It is estimated that tea is the new silver only price $ 500 for users, also provide Tesla with the cable reaches 24 feet.


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