Tesla unveils its electric car Model Y and open door advance request

تسلا تكشف عن سياراتها الكهربائية Model Y وتفتح باب الطلب المسبق

The company revealed a Tesla for its electric car, the new Model Y Thursday evening in Los Angeles which is considered the electric vehicle, the fifth in the company’s history and track style athletic multi-spec crossover, where it will market during the next year to 2020.

Explained executive director for Elion Musk that the rate of MR in the Model Y will be released for a distance of 300 miles on a charge as the battery will provide 4 copies of the car vary in their specifications, backed with your binary will be $ 51000 USD and high performance with the $ 60,000 will be provided in the fall of 2020, and for women, a cheap price and specifications of the architectural will be the sense of cut distance of 230 miles will be there by 39,000 dollars, but will not be available in the market before 2021.

As for the for pre-order on the car, he opened the company’s door for those interested via its website , as the company announced will pre-order all versions of the car except for the basic version of the least price for deposit of $ 2500, you’ll be all the luxuries available to the request with a copy Model Y three cross-site.

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