Tesla Roadster, sent into space, past Mars

Starman and his Tesla Roadster was officially far away from home. SpaceX confirmed that the test load, the Falcon Heavy has passed the orbit of Mars, being one of the greatest distances from the Sun (its furthest point it needs to reach 8 November — then the distance will be of 1.66.e.). Although this trip is not dedicated to Mars is certainly a feat for an electric vehicle and the dummy, which it travels. You may want to remember this moment next time Starman will come to the Earth a very long time.

In accordance with the models of Ben Pearson, a dummy space is not close to the Ground for another two years, until November 4, 2020, and even then the distance to it will be 0.35 a.e. (53 million kilometers) from us. However, it is more suitable to 0.05.e. (7.5 million kilometers) Mars 6 October of the same year. You might not see a really close visit to Earth until the year 2091. And if it is not waiting for a targeted or an unexpected encounter, “Star people” can be quite lonely for thousands or even millions of years.

On “Tesla” in the space

When SpaceX launched a Falcon Heavy in December of 2017, almost a year ago, Elon Musk is considered the normal run of test blocks “boring”:

“The red car to the red planet,” — wrote in Instagram Musk. — “Under the test launches of new missiles typically, the simulated payload used concrete or steel blocks. We thought it was very boring. To be boring – awful. Especially for companies. So we decided to do something unusual, something that will make us proud. Payload in this case will be the original Tesla Roadster, whose multimediasystem will play the track Space Oddity, when he will move in very elliptical orbit around Mars”.

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