Tesla Powerwall will help Hawaiian schools fight heat

Ilon Mask decided to overcome the Hawaiian heat by equipping the local schools with Powerwall systems that will generate and store the electricity needed for cooling systems. To maintain the working temperature in a thousand classrooms, it takes a lot of electricity, with which in Hawaii, there may be minor problems. To solve them are called 300 Powerwall batteries and as many solar panels capable of producing and accumulating surplus energy.

The decision was made after local authorities set the Ministry of Education the task of providing comfortable conditions for students, making the premises more cool. The best option for powering the air-conditioners was the Powerwall system, which Tesla already tested earlier, putting similar installations in Puerto Rico and Australia, where there are interruptions of electricity. Tesla's batteries and panels have already helped the regions cope with the shortage of electricity and saved a decent amount of money for local authorities.

Nevertheless, Tesla is not the first company to install its solar power generation and storage systems in Hawaii. Last fall, Pacific Solar equipped the roof of the Kamaile Oaxy 955 Academy with panels and eight inverters. In addition, about 55,000 solar cells have already been installed in Hawaii, but they will be supplemented by a number of Tesla panels, after which they will begin to include Powerwall batteries in the local power grid.

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