Tesla plans to launch the network transfer of a participatory a taxi Christian automatically in 2020

تسلا تخطط لإطلاق شبكة نقل تشاركي بسيارات أجرة مسيرة آلياً في 2020

The director said Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the next year will see the release of the first car delivery to the fare of the march itself (robotaxis), you’ll be working in the transmission network and the participation of the entire car in the next year 2020, where he launched his statement, that during the climbing self-drive yesterday, Tuesday, at the company’s headquarters in California in the presence of investors.

Said Musk, ” I am confident that the coming year may witness the taxi rally automatically from the delivery but not in all provinces where we won’t get approved in all the regions” where his statement was brief and without giving any other details but added that the company is able to obtain the consent of the stakeholders for allowing their vehicles the mechanism to work in new areas next year.

In said delivery it will enable owners of Tesla cars that meet the criteria of being added to develop transport Our which will a similar pattern develop AWeber to watch cars, where would be the interest rate belonging to the company of 25%-30% of the total trips undertaken by its owners, will also be hiring a Taxis mechanism (robotaxis) in areas where there are no cars with the number enough.

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