Tesla plans to build energy storage in new York

The company Ilona Mask, inspired by the success of its energy projects abroad, decided to implement something similar at home, presenting a commercial offer to the authorities of new York. Its essence is to upgrade the power grid of the city, providing them with energy storage systems.

Now the energy company Con Edison, the largest provider of electricity in new York and a special Commission is considering a proposal by Elon musk. And, if the decision is made in favor of the cooperation with Tesla, the company will begin to create a system for energy storage using its own battery Powerpack. in addition to the construction of Tesla pledges to maintain free own settings for three years — so much time will need the system to prove its effectiveness.

The test project will cost Con Edison about six million dollars, but according to the Tesla plan, it will pay off quickly, as it will annually save up to $ 700,000. If the result is satisfied with the company Con Edison and the new York city government, over time, Tesla redesigned the entire electrical network of the city and its environs.

Recall that similar projects have been successfully implemented Tesla in Australia and Puerto Rico. The inhabitants of these countries suffered from a shortage of electricity due to adverse weather conditions — storms, and other events, regularly disabling the local power grid. After Tesla has established its energy storage system, power outages have stopped, because in case of problems with local grid switches to emergency mode, using stored battery energy, while experts are busy repairing main power lines.

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