Tesla Model 3 was much more profitable than other electric vehicles

Not long ago, engineering firm Munro & Associates created a sensation when he broke the new Tesla Model 3 up and down, both literally and figuratively. The company examines and studies the cars and other products, and CEO sandy Munro talked a lot about his feelings about the newest Tesla electric car. He said that the quality of his build is reminiscent of the Kia of the 90-ies. The company has completed analysis. Although the opinion Monroe about the Assembly of the vehicle has not changed, he was shocked at how Model 3 profitable for Tesla.

Initial analysis of Munro & Associates identified problems such as clumsy door handles and Windows that “dance” in the door panels. Outer panel Model 3 also incurs the wrath Munro. According to Munro, cracks much more than the more expensive Tesla, even the traditional cars that cost thousands of dollars less, look better outside.

To say that the firm was skeptical about the Model 3 at an early stage — to say nothing. But now, sandy Munro says that “sat in a puddle”, but not because Model 3 was more qualitative than he initially thought. The company has determined that the car is very profitable for Tesla. This is probably the most profitable car of all that are available now.

Munro impressed how Tesla has integrated the electronics and resulting in reduced production costs. Improved battery technologies has also impressed the team. In her estimation, a 20% increase in the size of batteries in Model 3 gives 50 percent more power. Even such things as electrochromic rearview mirrors have become a miracle of economic efficiency. According to estimates Munro, Tesla pays 29.5 dollar for each mirror, while in the BMW i3 their price is $ 93 and Chevy Bolt — $ 165.

Overall, Munro & Associates say that Tesla removes more than 30 percent of the profits from each sold car. This is an extremely high margin for a conventional car with a gasoline engine, and electric — all transcendental.

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