Tesla is moving from a video that shows the car Tesla Model S parked and is related to burn in China

Tesla model-s-001

Because electric vehicles contain batteries is huge, there is a risk of the likelihood of its burn, the explosion, similar to what we’ve seen in the past with smart phones. Fortunately, we didn’t hear until now about you know one of the due to burn and blast his electric car, but lately have been circulating a video clip in China know the context of the Tesla related fire.

The video that has been circulating in China know the context of the Tesla Model S, which is related to combustion and the explosion after it was parked in the parking lot. In the video, I don’t drive anything but sit there appears at first some smoke coming out of the car before it explodes. Later, the video appeared second video shows that the explosion caused the burning of three cars in the process.

It is not clear what happened and if the video is real, but obviously it causes concern. In a statement to the news agency Reuters, said the representative of the company Tesla : ” we have sent immediately a team to the scene we call on local authorities to establish the facts. Based on what we know now, no one was hurt “.

According to the company Tesla, has bragged in the past that its electric car is less prone to by about 10 times to burn compared with gasoline-powered cars.


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