Tesla is covering the difference of tax incentives for orders that have not shipped in time

Tesla model-s-001

Will be reduced the value of tax incentives granted by the state on the policies of the Tesla electric valued at $ 7500 dollars to the half as of the year 2019. Those who will not receive their cars before the end of this year won’t have to worry because of that, he assured the CEO of Tesla, Mr. Elon Musk that his company will change the value of the tax incentives granted by the state on these applications that is not shipped in time.

Tell Mr. Elon Musk Friday through a tweet on the Twitter network to all the cars that have been put up for sale will be shipped out to customers until next year you will get a difference tax incentives. These tweets also serve as a reminder for customers in the United States of America that the tax incentives granted by the state which is valued at 7500$ will be reduced to half by the end of the product year’s Eve.

The company Tesla release these cars are electrical to allow the opportunity for more people to own one of its electric car with tax incentives of $ 7500$. When asked by one of the stores what would happen if you didn’t get someone his electric car before the end of this year, he replied Elon Musk said : ” If you stick to Tesla to deliver the orders the Customer had made valuable efforts to meet before the end of the year, you’ll company Tesla to cover the difference in tax incentives “.

Did not specify what it means by ” effort value“, but this may simply mean that it will be able to work climbing his electric car already before January 1, 2019.


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