Tesla has released 300,000 electric vehicles

Despite the fact that Tesla continues to struggle with the production of cars, new electric cars continue to slowly but surely descend from the conveyor of the plant. In the quarterly report of the company means that the manufacturer has produced more than 286,000 of the cars, and most recently, the Board of Directors noted that Elon Musk has accomplished the task, after completing all the points of its compensation plan, which included a task to do by the beginning of 2018 300 000 cars. That’s the number of machines the company has been able to produce since its creation.

It may seem that 300 000 electric cars — quite a bit, but if you compare with other manufacturers of cars with electric drives, it becomes clear that the result is very good. Nissan, for example, sells its Leaf electric already in 2011, but only last month were able to achieve similar Tesla parameters. And this despite the fact that the company Elon musk has started to produce a large batch of cars only in 2013.

Recall that the Tesla shareholders decided not to pay the salary of the Mask, replacing it in tranches as the head of the company will be available after the implementation of the plan, scheduled for a certain period. With the task entrusted to it at the moment, Musk is almost done — construction of 300,000 vehicles is also included in the list of mandatory cases. The current quarter will end next month, and before the head of the company is another unfulfilled task is to achieve a gross profit of 30 percent or more for four consecutive quarters. But, according to preliminary results, the company has not yet achieved this.

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