Tesla has reduced the prices of electric cars in China

A trade war between China and the United States forced the company Tesla to revise its pricing policy on the market of cars in China.

It is reported that the way Tesla tries to minimize the impact of Chinese tariffs on the price of their electric cars. Although most companies claim that it seeks to make electric vehicles “more affordable” in the Chinese market, which is considered the largest market for cars in the world. By the way, for the period January-October 2018 the country has sold 860 thousand cars on alternative energy sources, 76% than the previous year.

On November 22 the price of Tesla electric cars in China will be reduced by 12-26%. For example, the Model S 75B are now available for purchase 782.9 thousand yuan, is 887.6 thousand yuan, and Model X P100D will drop by as much as 24.4% to 1.19 million yuan.

Source: Hromadske, Finance.ua

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