Tesla finally made a profit

The third quarter of 2018 for the first time in a long time brought profit to the company Tesla.

The last two years, Tesla was always working at a loss, and given the recent controversies Elon musk and the Commission on securities and stock exchanges, a positive result hardly anyone expected. However, Q3 has brought overall revenue to $6.8 billion, net profit of $311.5 million.

The last profitable quarter, Tesla up to this point was in 2016

During this period, was released 53239 of the Tesla Model 3 (on average produced 4,300 units per week). All in all, it was delivered to the buyers 56065 machines. Experts Bloomberg noted that the company no longer spends money to expand production, she goes on permanent income, which should continue in the following quarters.

In addition, Elon Musk announced that the Tesla Model electrocreaser Y is ready for production. It is expected that the novelty will be released in 2020.

Sources: Bloomberg, Engadget

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