Tesla demanded Apple to unveil iCloud data of its employee

Despite the fact that Apple literally turned on the security of its users, in certain situations, the company still makes an exception and reveals their personal information. Basically, exceptions are made for law enforcement officers who have the appropriate court order. Each year the company receives thousands of such appeals, making it clear that they are ready to assist in catching the real offender. Therefore, such flexibility began to count everything.

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Tesla Motors has approached Apple with the requirement to provide access to the iCloud account of his former employee Ganji Cao. The occasion was the recognition of Cao that he kept in Apple’s cloud key lines of code system auto-pilot Tesla, who supposedly conveyed the Chinese manufacturer of electric cars Xiaopeng Motors.

Will reveal whether Apple iCloud data?

Sam Cao, a long time denied his guilt and refused to admit that even possession of confidential data of their employer. However, in the course of the investigation, the defendant admitted that indeed saved in your iCloud ZIP file with the code of the autopilot. However, said Cao, he deleted the saved data from the cloud after dismissal and are not passed on to third parties.

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Now to confirm if this is in fact, only Apple has access to the account information of its users. Another thing is that Tesla’s lawyers may want to be convinced personally, how, when and under what circumstances Tsao wrote and deleted data (if not deleted), rather than to trust Apple’s review. Here only agree in Cupertino on such conditions – the big question.

Most likely, Apple will not disclose your customer, even if suspected of committing a crime, without a court order. At least, I would like to hope that the company does not agree to such entreaties, and leave the solution of this question exclusively in the legal field.

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