Tesla decided to keep the galleries open, raising prices by 3 percent


Just two weeks ago, announced the company Tesla that it would make some tangible changes in the way that sell their own electric cars. These changes include the closure of all its stores almost use its web site to sell cars. The company said Tesla at the time that it was going to take this step in an attempt to reduce costs in order to make its electric car cheaper. However, the company decided Tesla to change her mind now.

Company had a Tesla around 398 stores by the fourth quarter of last year the company was planning to close them all at the beginning, but not now. The company will keep a large number of these museums are open with the closing of half of the galleries just. Used expenses to keep many of its stores open, the company decided Tesla to raise prices by 3 percent. The company said : ” it will be in front of millions of Tesla prospective a week to submit their applications before raising prices, so the current prices valid until 18 March “.

He also pointed out that this rise in prices does not affect women cheapest car Tesla Model 3, which cost 35 thousand USD. This price increase applies only to models most expensive car Tesla Model 3, as well as the style of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X.

The Tesla actually reduced the prices of these cars rose by six percent when it announced the initial closing all of its stores almost, and therefore this rise in prices by 3 percent decreases in the base rate of the previous opponent. However, the company still Tesla is committed to selling its electric car on the internet.

Stores that will remain open will serve as showrooms with fewer employees. Will staff actually teach the customer how to buy a car of Tesla they want online. You will have some stores a small number of cars in the store for customers who want to get out of the store with the car, Tesla New.

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