Tesla built a large shed for the production Model 3

Tesla will have to build its electric Model 3 outside the factory to increase the rate of production: June 16, Elon Musk announced that the company has built “a brand new General Assembly line” just three weeks “with minimal resources”. And posted a photo of the glossy red Model 3 under a huge tent. Of course, the canopy has become an Internet star. Internet detectives posted and declassified satellite imagery hidden imagery and aerial photographs of the new structure — although Ars Technica noted that the canopy “is easy to see from the platform Warm Springs BART that far”.

“We have seen were built this huge structure and saw the machine under her, and began to think: maybe this is a new Assembly line, they were talking about?”, said Alex diamond, Vice President of product RS Metrics. “To see something like this — exciting moment, but it is also our job to find information in the satellite data, which will help our clients.”

Not all experts in the field of automotive industry and production fell for it. “Can’t say, but I’ll assume that this is the only Assembly line for a large number of cars, which unfolded under a canopy,” says Karl Brauer, publisher of Autotrader. His colleague Rebecca Lindland added: “apparently, Tesla is actively preparing for the colonization of Mars (think of Matt Damon from “the Martian”).

Extra power needed by Tesla for a long time. Last year, Elon Musk said that its factory in Fremont, California, “is bursting at the seams” of assembling the Model S and X. Now, when the company entered into a mad race for the production of 5,000 Model S sedans per week, including a more expensive version of the car with two engines, Tesla needs more production space.

Tesla needs to reach the level of production of 5000 cars per week until the end of June, otherwise you will start losing money on each car released. Also the company needs to prove that it is able to produce electric vehicles EN masse, in accordance with the ideas of the Mask a wide spread of electric vehicles. So far, everything is moving tight.

Despite trying hard automation of vehicle production, Musk eventually decided to build them with a more balanced mix of robots and humans. The CEO also acknowledged that, unlike the Model X, some problems of the early production Model 3 emerged because of the abundance of new technologies.

In early June, Musk told shareholders that the company produces 500 Model 3 a day, or 3500 cars a week on average. However, to increase the rate of production in half for two weeks — a difficult task even for an innovator like Musk.

At least one analyst believes that the bimini top is a sensible, though unprecedented step to increase production. “To assemble cars under the canopy — it’s unheard of,” says Jeremy Acevedo, an analyst at Edmunds. “We have already seen how the manufacturers are trying to ramp up their production, but, as far as I know, nobody went so far as to move their production to polupustyne structure.”

Is it possible to call a tent a building? The Musk calls it a “giant tent” and he was good. Technocomplect trying to invent more technological description, calling the shelter “a springy structure” and God knows how else. Tesla representatives did not comment on the story. The company filed an application for temporary permission for the construction of a canopy, but now Musk is apparently considering a permanent placement.

General Assembly line under a canopy creates a few problems. A large part of the Assembly equipment is not designed for outdoor use. Overall, automakers prefer to work in a controlled environment with constant humidity and temperature. This is particularly important for the application of sealants and adhesives. In conventional factories, the workers spent weeks creating a solid Foundation for equipment so that it virtually did not move relative to the surface. Anything can happen when you move a massive object through the pipeline.

I wonder what made Musk to reproduce such conditions in a tent?

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