Tencent start asking for personal data to provide the opportunity to play the users

Tencent تبدأ طلب البيانات الشخصية لتوفير فرصة اللعب للمستخدمين

Announced the company Tencent is famous in the field of games phones via an official statement yesterday that all the players in China are going out for a new system; it will require them to verify their age group and add the number to their national in order to continue to enjoy their games company, where you will apply the new procedures on the 10 games of the special police until the end of the current year, the rest of the games including famous games PUBG وLeague of Legends will have the new system in the next year.

In come the new procedures from Tencent after being attacked by the newspaper People’s Daily of the media, the government and described the game by the famous Honor of Kings as “CM” based on several reports of neglecting students for their school and waste time playing them, in addition to the police was beaten last May after remarks by Chinese President Xi Jinping about the suffering of the many children of myopia and take the set my grandfather on the Earth and indeed the government to ban the new games, which cost forget the 1.5$ billion to the inability of them to launch their games updated under the ban.

In taken the Tencent some action in September last conferring control on the games and add new features to blur the contours of the screen and disguise in case look minor them from up close, as well as the procedures taken since last year, private not allowing those who are less than 12 years of playing more than an hour a day, and two hours for those age 13 to 18 while the ban play about the ninth hour.

In a clear the company seeks through this announcement to the new access safety and to avoid further losses in its primary gaming market, despite the restrictions introduced by the new system but it will serve as a way to try and decipher the ban of the government on the games.

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