Ten settings recommend that you set it in your new phone

Whether you are a new user Docking-iPhone or even a user of Maven, you may not have enough time to review all of the settings of the iPhone. Maybe use the iPhone as is since I bought it as its default settings. No harm in that. we’ll give you ten settings to help improve your use of your phone between your hands.

عشر إعدادات ننصح بضبطها في هاتفك الجديد

10 buttons sound

Go to Settings – sounds – you’ll find the option to change the buttons. You can activate this button for the voice rings and alerts through the buttons to raise the volume and lower it at any time and in any place in the phone to taste. And if you don’t want to lower the sound using the buttons and shows the images on the default mode of the system you should disable this feature.

9 to facilitate access or Reachability

This property is rich from the definition, with the increasing screen size Apple made of this property to reach any place in the screen using one hand to click through, not click twice on the button to the Hom or the down direction button home ” iPhone X”, to the top of the screen to the middle for your thumb to reach anywhere.

To activate or disable this feature where you go to Settings – General – access for disabled– and then facilitate access.

8 privacy

We can say that with the presence of the internet on the phone whose at risk! So Apple offers in the system by the iOS some settings are useful and in particular privacy in browsing the internet. If you use Safari as your default browser, you have to do a few things:

Go to Settings – Safari – here you can do to prevent tracking while you browse the sites to make it harder to keep track of advertisements and advertisers you, and for the record, this option will not prevent the ads completely but will at least give less ads and maybe does not interest you, it’s important that they don’t track your interests so they send you build them ads.

You can also limit the tracking of advertising by disabling this feature, and reset the advertising identifier periodically. Can make these settings through the settings – privacy – get down to the bottom of the list is claimed on the ads and then do the option to limit tracking ad – then tap on reset Advertising ID…

7 shooting in the” golden rule”

If you’re a fan of capturing images using an iPhone or an iPad Your, and base the in Photography in the sense that you make the goal to be filmed in one-third or two-thirds of the picture, and don’t make the goal in the middle of the picture, it undoubtedly emerges a picture of a balanced and attractive.

To operate the camera in the mode of triangulation, go to Settings – camera – box. When you turn the camera you’ll find its a box. Use the highest you’ll find filters a diverse choice of what you wish during the filming.

6 cellular data options

Through settings – cellular – cellular data options you will find an option called “data roaming” and this feature enables you to connect to the internet via the cellular data network private network again when in the area outside the coverage of the network of your mobile operator this is of course for a fee, don’t forget to disable this feature when you access to cover your network.

5 no-hassle

Sometimes do not wish to receive calls or alerts in a given time. Introduced the Apple feature do not disturb that lets you do that. You can do this setting manually or even through Siri and ” Hey Siri, do not disturb / stop the inconvenience ” and will run the property or give them as your order. You can also schedule a property do not disturb at a certain time through the settings – do not disturb – scheduled, and the start time and end time when you activate do not disturb.

As well as in the preparation do not disturb you can choose to silence calls or notifications when your phone is locked or unlocked when you enable do not disturb mode.

In addition, you can allow a specific group, whether a favorite or everyone or no one to contact you and will not be silenced incoming calls during do not disturb.

4 drag on the inbox for more settings

Surely you know a property drag for you can also drag more settings in the mail app of your iOS, go to Settings – mail – scroll options you will find two options-pass right and pass left, and by clicking on any of them you will find options to drag or scroll like ” nothing, marking as read, flag, move the message” you can dubb as you wish.

In addition you can choose to delete the message or put it in the archive, and to do that you have to go to Settings ” then scroll down to ” accounts and passwords – select the name of the account ” Yahoo like” – then click on the account again – and then choose advanced – here you can specify what action you want to do such as choosing a place to send messages that are ignored, and Limited the duration to retain messages deleted.

3 ease of access to the provider of the TV.

If you have fitted a TV feature supports single sign on SSO from Apple for leisure applications, you can link it through the settings – with TV. Now when you download supported apps they can login using with your TV so you won’t have to write your login information in every time.

2. don’t lose your photos

Using the IP-the cloud you can sync photos across your devices, go to Settings – Sound – then activate the iCloud photo library – upload to my Photo Stream.

1 messages

You may have noticed during your use of the application letters of the phrase “been shopping or have been reading” the bottom of the message sent. You can let the sender know when the message was read through the settings – messages – activate the option to send read receipts. You can also enable the number of characters – show Subject field ” box for the title and then the subject of the message”, so you can keep messages forever or one year or 30 days.

You can also enable read receipts for specific people. Through the application of the messages and pressing the letter ” i ” in the top left or right of the screen, by the language of the phone you’ll find details you can do to send read receipts or even hide the development of. You can also see the pictures and attachments that I sent in all the talks between you and the consignee, and you can share your current location. For details of groups you’ll find where a lot of options and settings messages group as an addendum to people or hide the alerts or see the pictures and attachments sent, you can check it yourself.

Continued exploration

There are many important options that you can customize your own customize your phone as you want such as enabling automatic downloads, check the battery, or storage capacity, customize notifications, customize Control Center, change the IP settings of your settings, SOS emergency, a lot of the settings and customizations that knew her knew her and her ignorance of her ignorance.

What’s the first phone settings that take care of both? And hidden tricks that you know and we can take advantage of them? Tell us in the comments



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