Telegram supports the archiving of the chat and other features in the latest update

Announced the service of instant messaging of Telegram announced the launch of a new update for their application comes with a number of advantages, most notably: the possibility of archiving of the chat, in addition to the new design.

The company said in a publication on her blog: “gives you today’s update of the tools necessary to sort your messages through the chat was archived, and the new design on the Android platform, along with a number of other great features; to achieve maximum benefit from the messaging application of your”.

The telegram to “chat archived” allow users to team chat to active, and inactive, as to allow separate personal chats from the chat, banish the contacts spam emails to the archive.

As for the mechanism to archive the chat, can it pull through any chat towards the left to a folder of the chat archived. If I got the chat archived on notice they will go back to the list of other chats, and the chats Al Maktoum will stay in the folder of the chat archived.

This can hide the archive by dragging it to the left, as you can show it again by dragging the screen towards the bottom. Inside the folder “chat archived”, and users can install a number of non-restricted of chat.

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Said The Telegram: it’s users can now apply them to the Android system to make a number of orders for a group of chat at once, by selecting them and then choosing the most appropriate action from the menu, that appears top of the screen, such as: the installation, or books, or archiving, or deletion.

Got Telegram app on Android system also on the new design icon, menus and interior. Also got the app on the feature list “chat representative”, which allows users to see the lines more than chat, to become three instead of two.

As for the Women system “iOS” operator for devices Apple mobile Telegram app, it got updated in the property passcode passcode, as it has been possible to use 6 codes, in addition to icons of the previous four.

One of the important benefits are also obtained by the application: the possibility to see the users connected to the internet from the chat list directly, in addition to the Improve list participation.

This, can download the latest version of the Telegram app for Android phones from Play Store, also for iPhones and iPads from the store, the App Store, and you can also download it to match the profile of the website etc their.

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