Telegram offers settings for auto-download and run automatic video and more

تيليجرام يُقدّم إعدادات التنزيل التلقائي وتشغيل الفيديو التلقائي وأكثر

I got the messaging app Telegram on smart phones on the new update raise the version number of the app to “Telegram 5.4”, has been submitted to this new version many plugins is important and new, the most notable feature video playback automatic, settings automatic download of smartphone as well as support for multiple accounts and more.

With regard to the first feature, will be starting the videos on the screen automatically and voice, and to turn the sound all you have to do is press on the volume buttons, the physical, the second addendum, they are addressed to those who wish to control the use of data, through the addition of a quick way to switch between the download options (low / medium / high) of the video.

Also you can set up automatic downloads manually by type of conversation, media type, and file size, where it will remember the app your choices as a custom preset, as well as making the default settings to use the data more generous, depending on the user’s ability in bearing the cost of mobile phone data.

Finally there is a feature to support multiple accounts, I saw her for the first time in the app on the Android platform, now became available to users of the other system iOS, on I have support here for three accounts at a maximum, will be responsible for the user all the notifications from all the accounts, to include such notices information about the account that was sent to him.

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