Telegram launches version 5.0 of the app on Android and iOS

Launched Telegram version 5.0 of its application famous to chat on Android and iOS with lots of improvements and bug fixes and new features in addition to the noticeable changes in design on Android.

The update supports more languages with a focus on languages from right to left such as Arabic and Persian has also been improving media quality and speed of download with improvements to the method of media browsing during the talks .

Also offers update :

– Language support ad hoc. Create language packs, the participatory cloud there on our platform to – and then apply them quickly and easily.
– Review Instant 2.0. Display the web pages within the app with support for new content.
– Improved design of Accounts, Department of notifications and sounds, and settings in general. In addition to speed up access to the media exchanged in the Information section of the talks.
– Improved sections of the media to mutual benefit.
– Improved the process of assigning images to the talks.
– The possibility of flipping between pictures sent as files during the presentation.
– Possibility to zoom in the video during the run.
– Show the picture of the acoustics in the playlists in the section “acoustics mutual”.
– Install messages in small groups and in the Saved Messages.
– Dozens of minor fixes and improvements.


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