Telegram issued a big update to develop its official platform for Android and iOS

Telegram Messenger

If you use Telegram as your favorite application to communicate with friends and family members, you may be happy to know that this app received an update fairly big day will lead to you getting a lot of new features and improvements. This applies to the version of my Android and iOS app.

According to the company announcement on the official blog, has revealed to us that this new update brings with it Version 2.0 of the Instant View, which operates essentially in a similar way for Instant Articles of the company Facebook, and Google AMP of Google Inc. It should be noted that the new 2.0 version of the Instant View will allow the latter to support languages that write from right to left, including Arabic language and related articles, and links to images, tables, etc.

Got Telegram app on the Android platform, also a new design with this new update which upgraded the app to version 5.0. It should be noted that this new design facilitates access to the files that have been shared, files personal Users, Groups, and channels. And the Telegram, it managed to fix many of the errors that claimed to have reformed nearly a thousand a bug in the iOS version of the Telegram app since October, in addition to offering 400 minor improvements.

Being actually issue these changes, so if you haven’t updated Telegram App Your up now, and he moved up to the iTunes store the App Store or Google Play Store to select the latest version of the app.



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