Telegram expects to receive $ 850 million from venture capital funds for ICO

A week ago, sources told the secret about the second round of investment for ICO Telegram. It will take place before a public sale of tokens, which is scheduled for March. Reporters learned details of the new stage and including told about the cost of tokens.

Important details ICO Telegram

Invitations to participate in the second round of funding received from venture funds, as confirmed by the sources of RBC. Also the staff of the Telegram invited the representatives of the funds to attract them to the ICO shareholders. The company plans to receive the same amount of $ 850 million.

Insiders confirmed the increase in the prices of tokens in comparison with the first funding round. Previously, it was estimated at 35 cents, whereas now the amount varies from 1.3 to 1.5 dollars per unit.

Analysts explain the trend of active resale. By the way, the right to dispose of the purchased tokens they have. The first 25 percent of the coins can be sold in the first three months. Second, third and fourth quarters for 6, 12 and 18 months, respectively.

The launch of the platform TON planned for the end of the year. Recall, the company promised to return the invested money to the investors if it does not launch a private crypt until October 2019.

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