Telegram app X gets on the chat feature speed player GIF and more

تطبيق Telegram X يحصل على ميزة الدردشات السرية ومُشغل GIF وأكثر

Telegram app X which is an alternative to develop Telegram the main, secured in it all the messaging features of the application telegram with a number of other experimental features which you don’t see in the official app, in turn, got these women on its update for the month of July, has provided with it a whole host of huge of new features, some of these features include the chat-speed closed, the operator of the new GIF, support the MTProxy and the formation of voice messages through the phone.

So if you are on the beta channel, it is likely that you have seen some of these features, let us now take a look at a big change:

  • Passcodes unlock fingerprint to chat speed.
  • Player GIF: run, pause, or rewind, or restart.
  • Turn GIF images in full screen also at full quality without any compression, if you turn off AutoPlay would be the preview that you see Full HD instead of the blurry image.
  • Three tabs common: GIF files, voice messages and video messages.
  • Support the MTProxy and control analysis.
  • The sound of running the message through the phone.
  • Counter unread dynamic.
  • Mark as read / unread through the previews of the notifications / chat.
  • View messages from members of the chat specific.
  • A new user interface that.
  • Refinement all the app icons look sharp on the screen.
  • Reduce the APK and install the app size up to 5 MB (depending on device), more version APK is about 13 MB.
  • To reduce the running time of the application.
  • Re-location feature.
  • Reset synced contacts.
  • Now shows the time stamp that was last seen on the profile screen.
  • The user names clickable in the package names of the posters.
  • Animation support in a fingerprint password.
  • Are now saved theme operating correctly when pause / resume the app during video playback.
  • Low memory and battery consumption through the results are included.
  • To improve most of the tools and the advantages of the app for the better.

Finally you can experience the application of Telegram X downloaded from his page in the store Google Play, or simply get file. APK from here.

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