Telegram app X gets massive update, brings with it a system of notifications Notifications 2.0

Telegram X

Telegram app X, which is the advanced version of the application Telegram is normal with some experimental features and more control in your settings has been updated just now, and this update is very large.

In fact, I’ve been in the new version of Telegram app X re-design of the notification system from scratch through the submission of system notices a new which they call the company a Telegram the name of the Notifications 2.0. Now, improved notifications so rapidly that he became the best in terms of safety, reliability, and customization, and most importantly, they no longer consume a great deal of energy.

There are new settings to make the notifications you get more privacy and can notifications better too. In addition to improved notifications, this update also brings with it the polls and a range of general improvements, and better control on your data. You can now erase all of the data relating to the application of Telegram X on one of your devices remotely in case of being robbed.

You can read more about the new features and changes Full on the official website to buy a Telegram from the source link below.


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