Tele2 started to give eSIM in Russia. But there is one condition

Tele2 is the first and so far the only domestic operators – officially began the use of technology eSIM in Russia. On Monday, April 29, according to “Vedomosti” with reference to the Director of subscriber equipment operator Vladimir Pavlov. Technology allows you to use cellular services without the need to install the device in a second SIM card and use the built-in eSIM module.

At the moment the service using the eSIM is limited, said Pavlov. A prerequisite for those wishing to use the service — the presence of a physical SIM-card Tele2. To move on eSIM are required to visit one of the five flagship stores of the operator, where you have to sign a statement, then the physical card will no longer work, and the owner of a compatible device will be able to interact with the virtual.

eSIM in Russia

Need to issue a physical SIM card is required by Russian regulators, said Pavlov. Tele2 has consulted with relevant agencies, and they did not raise objections to the proposed model. Only in this way fails to comply with Russian law, which forbade the use of eSIM because of the danger of cloning the subscriber profile and difficulties with registration.

Despite the fact that eSIM in Russia still work, the need to go to the salon, to first issue a physical SIM card that negates one of the benefits of technology, which assumes that you can connect directly from home. On the other hand, the possibility to somehow use eSIM will come in handy for owners of smartphones with its support. For example, thanks to Tele2 users are now the flagship models of the iPhone will be able to simultaneously use two numbers.

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