Tele2 launched an eSim in Russia

In the latest models of iPhone smartphones Google Pixel and “smart” watches from different manufacturers is supported by technology eSim, which allows you to use the services of mobile operators without a physical sim card. It already operates in 24 countries around the world, but in Russia still was not available. The first operator that will allow people to use virtual sim card, Tele2 began to make the transition in five, and in early may people will be able to contact 83 of the cabin.

Технология eSim

When you call the salon must have a physical sim card, but if not — buy it. According to the Director of subscriber equipment Tele2 Vladimir Pavlov, the presence of physical cards is a requirement of the regulators. After the signing of the transition to the virtual card, physical card is disabled. According to managing partner of consulting firm AC&M Michael Alekseeva, the requirement to come to the salon to jump on eSim contrary to the very meaning of technology.

It is noteworthy that in early April the representatives of mobile operators MegaFon, MTS and VimpelCom, has opposed running the eSim technology in Russia. In their opinion, the introduction of the virtual sim-cards will lead to the closure of salons of cellular communication and reduce profit, as the physical cards have no one will be needed. Will also increase the power of virtual mobile operators, which “will be able to offer mobile services at prices well below market”.

In the discussion of the prospects of technology eSim in Russia was attended by the representatives of the Federal security service. According to RBC, they opposed the technology because of the inability of the Russian cryptographic algorithms to work with virtual sim cards. With all this, the office has yet to officially comment on its position.

If you oprobuete technology eSim, or have had to sign a statement on the transition? Their answers and please share your responses in the comments, or in our Telegram chat.

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