“Tecra” system to enable restaurants to obtain the position and the application of their own to receive requests

"تيكر" نظام لتمكين المطاعم من الحصول على موقع وتطبيق خاص بهم لاستقبال الطلبات

Tech becomes a big part of our daily dealings, the more our progress forward appeared new technologies and ideas to facilitate the work of the ordinary people or business owners in all areas. Come the idea of system Tecra among the new things that will help restaurant owners to get on the site and application Special without a lot of action.

Aims the idea of “Tucker” to increase the interaction between the customer and the customer with the restaurant by providing an easy way to at the possibility of private demand and that the client became available greater safety in demand because of the great technical progress particularly in the presence of smart phones.

The developers of the system access of any restaurant on the application of his own next to the master site, so that there will be a statute for and with him to change the fact and phenomenon according to the restaurant, which means great ease in adding amendments to the application and website at any time through the developers.

And, of course, can the owner of the restaurant of the amendment to the list of food and beverages, as well as add more of the branch to apply it to help the customers to access with ease, next determine the points of delivery, determine the type of applications available to customers and immediately notice the appearance of a new request, in addition to define different currencies, as well as providing analytical tools for measuring the size of transactions and their format, as well as marketing tools.

You will also be able to the participating restaurant of get a domain name of its own address with the name of the place so that customers and clients access it in an easy way.

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