Technology block revolution lurk

تكنولوجيا البلوكشين ثورة كامنة
Technology block revolution lurk

It seems that the Financial World is changing rapidly around us, we believe that digital assets and the new financial tools and modern create new models for financial transactions and new ways to keep on top of the water as is the case in traditional methods such as trade gold , silver and other assets and the need, we’ve all heard the bitcoin that provoked astonished the world has entered into the world of money surreptitiously and he was able to prove his success is well-deserved, without attention to what is being said it is rumored, is considered the currency of the bitcoin core cash digital technology block modern.

Technology has changed the block lots and lots and opened eyes to a new world full of evolution of the most promising, though there are still many obstacles to overcome before we see a shift entirely in the financial transactions controlled technology the block, often sharing the financial institutions the main idea of the technology block and that she is safe and all, but what you harbour in themselves is that there are many hidden causes that make them fight their tooth and nail the entry of this technology.

What are the technical block it?

People rely on databases to store and transfer information to each other, but these databases are owned by companies that have access to such sensitive data saved on their systems such as banking details, financial transactions, private messages, and because people don’t trust this companies to keep their data private, it was the invention of the storage platform and data in a new way and lets you retain, they are very safe and that the technology crystal see that a lot of people are very excited for that new technology.

The definition of simplified technology block is a Book Number. transactions are recorded which can be programmed to record everything of value and not only financial transactions, this payment as a non-transferable or fraud due to its availability on the base of data distributed.

While it is encrypted each record and take the character of a certain time can the user just be up to him and the books and therefore be the only one who owns it, the technology block very safe each block is associated with the other one after one, the sooner it is events change is the modernization of the whole.

Block help secure and streamline transactions efficiently without the need for Central Management of process, technology block is a new revolutionary potential in the preservation of the records and can track and document every change in a record or transaction.

Have adopted the currency of the bitcoin digital currency months in the world on the technology block, a digital currency is exchanged online without the presence of real material and not subject to the central authority as it is very safe as is the use of cryptographic techniques to organize the work and control of Health funds and operates separately from the central banks.

In Real the impact of the block the deeper will be the trade world where companies and financial institutions on digitization of contracts and the Elimination of intermediaries in financial transactions as that will make the records books, easier to audit, because the block provides a record of the digitally distributed do not require confidence or coordination between companies because it allows transactions to be very safe and transactions that occur immediately, even across borders.

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