Technology Apple TV to cause the arrest of a young man accidentally

Lifting a student from New York filed a lawsuit against Apple for compensation of one million dollars, claiming that the facial recognition technology of the company have tied it wrong. a series of robberies of Apple stores.

He said Osman Bah, aged 18, he was arrested from his home last November, accused of stealing from Apple store, said in a lawsuit filed last Monday, the arrest warrant included a picture I don’t like it, he said that one charge of theft made against him, was in Boston last June and was at the time attending a concert of a high-level in Manhattan.

He told Bah that he had lost in the previous license know without a picture, which may be found or the thief real stole and used them in the theft of Apple stores, and as a result, he claimed Bah, that his name may be linked to by mistake face the thief in the face recognition system of the Apple TV, which said that the company uses in its stores to track people suspected of having committed theft.

For its part, rejected Apple’s Security Industry Specialists, a security company was also called as a defendant to comment on the lawsuit.

Source: Bloomberg the

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