Techniques amazing.. Sony will reveal the specifications of the “PlayStation 5”

Finally the company revealed Sony Japan unveiled a new generation of platform PlayStation, which are likely to bear the name of the “PlayStation 5”.

Despite the lack of company disclosure of details relating to the date of the issuance of the new product and their prices, except that the technical specifications Pat known.

Came the company’s announcement about the new version on the lips of Mark Cerny MARK CERNY is a member of the team responsible for the development of the new product from Sony.

Technical specification of

According to police, the new partner of AMD third generation, a graphics processing unit GPU and the alternative series Radeon’s Navi.

It would also support the tracking feature X, a feature which is marketed mostly as a value system, personal computer, and did not support tracking of the Rays in the console, but at the same time will support the fees of 8K will be able to use the physical disks.

The company disclosed a significant advantage for the new product is that it comes with a solid state drive (SSD), an option to enable the operators of personal computers to access it for years but it was an option only for operators “Platform Console” if you have purchased the device outside of their own.

Apart from providing more storage in the external drive, it is known that the use of the SSD reduces load times significantly.

Showed Cerny impact on the Wired through the fast travel in the Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 Pro which took about 15 seconds to complete, which is scheduled to take 0.8 seconds in the new house.

The list of games

Avoid the “Cerny” delve into the details of your plans headset PlayStation new VR, said he won’t talk about the plans of Sony’s VR, but he provided some details about the plans of Sony to games home new.

He continued: “It will be compatible with previous versions of the catalog of the PlayStation 4, so it can still all buying it to play a variety games”.

Was not disclosed, conduct to me about the release date of the PlayStation 5, or whatever it is called, but he said that he would not be stopped at any time this year.

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